The Burning of Innocence

She reminded him of the sun. She moved as if her body was in tune with everything around her, and she listened as if the fire was telling her secrets. There was nothing unnatural about this girl, and yet it felt wrong for her to be inside these caves. Away from the sun, of which she reminded him so.

So, here’s how this will go. I will post a ‘flash chapter’ of no more than 500 words twice a week, the first one coming shortly after this post. I will make sure to post Rya’s details soon as well, but I need to build her up a little first.
Following almost every chapter there will be a post explaining the terms presented. I don’t want you to get lost or confused. The post will be called ‘Book of Will says...’. The Book of Will itself is a special entity in the story that will have its due mention eventually.
Also, I would like to thank my blog’s new followers: Kimberly Krey, Thomas Amo, L. Carroll, Sara, J.C. Martin, Alison, Donna K. Weaver, Megan Conway, and Tiffany King. I really appreciate it, you guys!
OK, let the story begin...


Very nice excerpt! It's refreshingly void of the pretentious dribble that seems to plague a lot of writing I've seen as of late! I am very excited to read more!!!

Also, thanks a bunch for the welcome!!!

Awww, thank you so much!!!
You're so nice over on twitter, I am so excited to have a reader for this story! Will help me concentrate and update more often. Thank YOU! :)