The Burning of Innocence

She reminded him of the sun. She moved as if her body was in tune with everything around her, and she listened as if the fire was telling her secrets. There was nothing unnatural about this girl, and yet it felt wrong for her to be inside these caves. Away from the sun, of which she reminded him so.

In the world of Osculum, children of lower descent do not go far in life. Rya, being a fledgling herself, does not have much to look forward to, except the fear of being discovered for what she is: a Medley. Cross-breeding is frowned upon among all tribes, so Rya’s bound to hide in the shadows of her younger brother and her spiteful peers, so she could keep her secret longer. 

That is, until someone sees her potential and gives her the chance of a lifetime: to become an apprentice of Magica Wydoma, the art of Wisdom in Magic. Join Rya on her adventure through maturity and the craft of stone-keeping where magic is just on the cusp of the imagination. 

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