The Burning of Innocence

She reminded him of the sun. She moved as if her body was in tune with everything around her, and she listened as if the fire was telling her secrets. There was nothing unnatural about this girl, and yet it felt wrong for her to be inside these caves. Away from the sun, of which she reminded him so.

Donum Concaves: The home of the Fledglings where they are taught to find, extract, and polish precious stones, making them into Oculi for the children of higher descent.

Fledgling: Osculist child of lower descent. Fledgelings do not grow to become apprentices of Wise Ones or Hopefuls, and their Oculi never actually activate.

Hopeful: One of two types of members of the Olden circle. The other one is Wise One. Hopefuls acquire their status, while Wise Ones inherit it. In Osculum, Hopefuls are perceived as the the ‘lesser sages’.

Medley: A genetic mixture of two tribes. There are three tribes in total: Somnium, Osculum, and Virum. The Osculum tribe had been the middle-man between Somnists and Virists for many years before it was almost obliterated by its fellow tribes. 


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Hi, Orlando. Well, it's just a bit of a project actually. I desperately wanted to try flash fiction and I had this idea brewing in my head, so I decided to mix them up in my blog-bowl. :)
You can say it's a WIP book, I guess. :D
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